Field Location
Amherst - New Glasgow

Highway 102 South - Turn off at Exit14, then around a loop and turn right, drive under the overpass and onto the roundabout and exit onto Robie Street.


Highway 102 North - Turn off at Exit 14 and use the right lane onto Robie Street.  If you use the left lane, you will have to go part way through the roundabout then onto Robie.

Robbie Street to George Lacey Field

On Robie Street travel 0.4 km to first Stop Light, continue straight through and shift over to the left lane. After 0.6 km turn LEFT at the second Stop Light onto Marshland Drive, then using the left lane, pass the Fundy Trail Mall (on your right), continue around a curve for approximately 1.7 km, then turn left onto a gravel road (before the four way stop).   There is a sign at this turn off - George Lacey Field 253. 
If the gate is closed and locked then no one is at the field.   Call the MAST number on the sign and either someone will come for you or you will be given the code for the combination lock.   Continue down the gravel road and you will eventually reach George Lacey Field.  Turn left  into our parking lot.
Please do not block the road.

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